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MR David Cootes MCSP AACP Bsc Hons Physiotherapy

David Cootes BSc (Hons) Physiotherapist MCSP AACP is the clinical lead and treats in both the Witney and Charlbury clinics and also in a private orthopaedic hospital working closing with the consultant team to gain the best outcomes following most orthopaedic surgery.
I have worked with many clients for pain management and rehabilitation using a solid knowledge of musculoskeletal conditions and hands on treatment options to gain the best outcomes for clients. Clients can be from any background, to the sporting or just someone just need help due to pain.
Email directly david@cotswoldphysiorooms.co.uk

MR Frankie Chesterton MCSP Bsc Hons Physiotherapy

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist Bsc (Hons) MCSP AACP
I qualified from Nottingham University in 2008, and spent a little over three years working across two large acute London NHS Trusts, where I honed my skills as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist, but also gained valuable and fascinating experience working in orthopedic, neurological and amputee physiotherapy. I then moved to Oxfordshire in 2012 where I have since worked exclusively in the field of musculoskeletal rehabilitation. Along the way I have picked up skills in a range of exciting environments – pitchside at rugby games, slopeside at the Relentless Big Freeze Festival for elite skiers and snowboarders, and also in the pool when providing hydrotherapy to a range of patients with a range of complaints.
Although I have a personal interest in pretty much every sport, I spend just as much time treating non-sports related injuries. My experience and enthusiasm for treating musculoskeletal injuries, alongside postgraduate training in acupuncture, K-Taping, spinal manipulation and Pilates provides me with the breadth of knowledge needed to get the best results from you.
Email Directly frankie@cotswoldphysiorooms.co.uk

MR Murray Stewart MCSP Bsc Hons Physiotherapy
Physiotherapy BSc (Hons), Manual Therapy MSc (continuing study), Pilates Instructor
I have over 10 years’ experience as a musculoskeletal (MSK) physiotherapist in the NHS and private practice. I am currently employed by the Oxford University NHS Trust as an Extended Scope practitioner physiotherapist working in the Major Trauma centre and Accident and Emergency departments and as a specialist Hand Therapist. I also teach Pilates on a group and one to one basis.
I have worked with a wide range of clients with an extensive array of clinical presentations. My postgraduate education has further developed my clinical knowledge and skills to an advanced and specialist level. I am able to assess any MSK condition, provide an accurate diagnosis and provide a successful individualised management plan. I enjoy my work and employ a combination of manual techniques, exercise therapy and advice to provide the highest quality care for all my clients.

MR Ali Durrant MSc BSc (Hons) MCSP HCPC
Ali qualified from Oxford Brookes University with an MSc in Physiotherapy. During this time, he has treated patients with a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries in both the NHS and elite sport.
Previously, Ali completed a BSc (Hons) in Exercise and Sport Science at Manchester Metropolitan University gaining an in-depth knowledge of the biomechanical principles of human movement.
He currently works full-time in a private hospital as an orthopaedic physiotherapist, providing treatments for patients with musculoskeletal injuries and post-operative rehabilitation of hips, shoulders, knees, hands and feet.
He enjoys various sporting interests including football, athletics and enjoys going to the gym to try different training types.

Zoe Bright Bowen Therapist
Bowen Therapy is a gentle hands-on myofascial release technique therapy. The practitioner uses gentle pressure of the thumbs or fingers to perform a unique series of rolling type movements, around the body to stimulate the muscles and soft tissues.
Bowen treatment takes approximately 45 minutes during which there are short breaks allowing the body to rest and response, it can be performed through light clothing, and is a subtle, relaxing and non-invasive treatment. A course of three treatments at weekly intervals is recommended.
Bowen Therapy is different to massage, it does not use hard pressure and there is no awkward manipulation.
The Bowen technique was developed in the 1950 by Australian Tom Bowen, prompting the body to reset, repair and balance itself, many clients report pain relief, improvement of function and recovery of energy.

Booking please contact :
Contact: 07970 289259

Email: zoelouisebowentherapy@hotmail.com
Website: www.zoelouisebowentherapy.co.uk

Hello my name is Vanessa and I have an ITEC Level 3 qualification in Sports Massage Therapy.
My aim is to work with you and get the best results possible so you can return to your sport quickly, improve your daily life and alleviate swelling, pain and discomfort.
I use a series of specialised techniques based on each clients bespoke treatment, such as; effleurage, deep tissue, myofascial release, pin and stretch, muscle energy techniques, neuromuscular technique, soft tissue release, stretching and joint mobilisation.

Carol Calf

Carol is the practice manager and handles the admin and organises the physio's case load.


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